November is the Month of Thanksgiving

Most of us do not have to be reminded to be thankful and sense our blessings throughout the year.

When I prepare a home for a showing or event, I like to bake fresh, homemade pastries, cookies and desserts. One of my favorite things to do is make apple turnovers! People LOVE this tasty little treat and served with warm caramel and vanilla ice cream it’s so sinful!

Let me tell you, the sense of smell will tempt your senses to buy that home! Enjoy a nice dinner, relax with a fire burning… so nice!

This recipe is easy and simple, I hope you like it and maybe it will grace your Thanksgiving table. Wishing you and yours a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Day!

2 C Flour
8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
8 oz. butter
Blend well and form a ball– put in refrigerator for at least a few hours.
Cut ball into fours, then roll out to a thin 1/8″ thick square. I use a square cookie cutter no larger than 2″ to cut the pastry.

Apple Mixture
5-6 apples peeled and quartered (Sweet and a bit tart apples work best– i.e. Cortlands, Granny Smiths)
Sautee in a large skillet (dry) on medium heat. You can chunk the apple as it cooks, but I like it a little chunky.
Once lightly cooked (not too mushy), add 1C of sugar and at least 2T of cinnamon.
Allow it to cool.

Next, put the approximately 1T of the apple mixture on each pastry sheet, fold the corners to the middle and lightly affix at the center.
Bake at 400 degrees until golden brown.
Cool slightly and drizzle the baked turnover with a small amount of frosting (see below).

2C powdered sugar
1C butter
melt and add 2T heavy cream or until a nice texture.

Cindy’s how-to video coming soon!!!

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