Rustic Elegance

When I design homes, I like to design with what I visualize to create an impact. Whether the home is for sale or not it is always important to invoke a reaction– a “wow” factor. Rustic Elegance is using textures that are rough, smooth, metal, cowhide– let’s take a look and I will take you through the next step of creating that rustic hideaway.

The horse statue reflecting in pewter, large standing mirror(s) – two matching mirrors side by side. The horse is actually 2 feet long and is such a piece of art!! A great find –an original piece– hammered sculpture. Lanky legs, tall and heavy, makes quite the statement. The table he is standing on is a rustic top from old reclaimed wood– metal legs and three shelves with some simple accessories of chicken wire-type pieces and some great books. Canvas wrapped books (in cream) would be a great look to add in the future.

As you can see, the coffee table in this view is very large – I found two matching wood trays (very rustic), a bowl that has clay and woven texture of wicker, displayed on an iron base. The bleached Manzanita branch is one of my favorite trees from Northern California.

Alder wood cabinetry along with flagstone surrounding the gas fireplace – I propped a large framed photograph of a tree (approximately 42” piece) along with candle holders in iron/wood and white candles (on left) and on the right side are the Pottery Barn Iron candle sticks with white pillar candles. The coffee table is also reclaimed wood – one-of-a-kind – and has iron wheels and a handle. The coffee table is anchored on a super large, natural cowhide in black, brown and white accents of the cow.

Built in banquette, enameled in a cottage-like cream color. I chose William Sonoma’s yellow dishes anchored on a tight woven placemat; makes any space very welcoming and inviting. The color combination compliments the contemporary, yet rustic designs of the space.

When I design, I love using a black island (separate color than the other cabinetry).  A farm sink in porcelain, gooseneck hardware and two different color granite counter tops adorn this wonderful (farm-style) kitchen. I always design with a drink station, baking section and prep stations, this keeps everything organized and in their correct spaces.

Wishing you simple elegant spaces that are warm, inviting and livable. For any design needs for your home, office or retreat, give me a call at 612.226.8044. We’d love to bring our Designing the Senses savvy to your living world.

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  1. heidicomfort says:

    Another GREAT design!

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