Gathering Around the Table and Designing Intimate Surroundings

November is the month that reminds us to be thankful. It’s alarming that I often busy myself with more things than there are minutes in a day and sometimes it’s easy to take thankfulness for granted. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a time to slow down and express gratefulness for life’s many blessings. That said, I’d like to invite you to some of my spaces for the season– in hopes that you can create intimate surroundings at your own tables. 

This year, let’s dress tables with elegance and grace, create feelings of peacefulness and add color, texture and warmth.  Here’s a few examples to help you create your lovely and festive table that will welcome guests to relax and sense the meaning in this season.

On this table, I used wicker place mats atop a lovely yellow/gold toned tablecloth. The plates are by Emile Henry (France) and are brown/copper in color.  I used cloth napkins in a rich multicolored pattern and design.  I added a bronze/rust see-through silk runner, complemented by amber water glasses, a vase filled with fall-colored roses, eggplant candles atop crystal candlesticks.  Lastly, I brought in a rustic touch by placing curly willow along with a few maple tree branches in the center of the table.

Take it a step further; don’t just dress your table– dress your whole house! Bring the same touch of fall colors to your coffee tables, bathrooms and even bedrooms.  These seemingly small details will bless your heart and your senses. I know it certainly does for me!


Lastly, grab a comfy throw, snuggle up by a burning fire for added warmth and for you and your guests. May I be the first to wish you and yours a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. 

Cindy Montgomery
Design. Inspire. Sell.

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