Designing the Senses This Holiday Season

Design your home through the eyes of a child.  You may remember when you were a child, the feeling of awe when you entered the room, the dazzle of sparkling lights, the smells of fresh baked cookies and family recipes from generations to share, the comfort of home with a warm fire in the fireplace, music and singing around the piano. Okay, maybe not the piano for some, but instead, an occasional inspiration from a song with words you may not know (making up your own lyrics – one of my favorite things).

It’s time to get inspired with the color trends for this holiday season.  We are seeing white with blue and silver (contemporary).  Silver and gold, red, green and white (traditional), playful multicolored metallic with hot pink, fuchsia and pale pink (whimsical)– even your Grandmother’s old vintage ornaments can work for you – mixed and matched with whatever you are creating.

The holidays are for making food for crowds or your special someone.  I will share with you one of my favorite recipes that may be added to your traditions of the season – my own creation of Cherry Liqueur Cheesecake! (This recipe will be posted to my youtube channel on Christmas Eve!).

As for myself, I like to design every space imaginable with wonderful fresh greens, bulbs lit and unlit, candles with the scent of the forest (but not too offensively strong).  As you design this holiday season remember to tango with all the senses – Smell, taste, hearing, sight, and sound and see how you may light up someone’s life with joy.

May I be the first to wish you a wonderful holiday season. I’m Cindy Montgomery with Designing the Senses, Showhomes and Stage by Design, llc, making a beautiful difference in your life and mine. Design. Inspire. Sell. 612.226.8044.

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  1. steve law says:

    Here she is…Minnesota’s finest home decorator extrodinaire, Cindy Montgomery!

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