Designing the Month of Love

February is the LOVE month, so with that being said, lets talk about designing with red, romance and something sweet. For holidays and various occasions, I love designing my rooms festively with roses. After all, aren’t roses one of a girl’s best friends?

Let’s start with the master bedroom and bathroom—treat the rooms as one. The scent of roses not only caters to the sense of smell but also initiates the feeling of romance. Float some petals in a hot bath scented with mineral salts, sprinkle the rose petals on the counter, floor or even the bed. I will also put roses in vases…

If you are in search of roses and don’t want to pay full Valentine’s Day prices, then seek out distributors – easily found on Google! Search “roses for less” and your area of residence and a nice list should come up for you. You will want to put your order in ASAP because they may sell out by Valentine’s Day.

When I design my own arrangements, I buy about four dozen roses and design about 3-5 vases at a time.

I place the designed vases all over the house, making fragrant and beautiful spaces. Remember, if you buy the roses, you have to do all the work… cutting the stems, removing the leaves and thorns and arranging the roses in the vase. If this sounds like too much work, the just go to your local florist and have them design for you. Just remember that most of the florists will have to have your order in at least a week prior to Valentine’s Day because it is not unusual to run out of roses, especially red roses!

For all of you out there who really want to make your Valentine something really special then make this sensational creamy cheesecake. My own creation of sweet, tart, and creamy dessert that will leave you wanting more.

Cherry Liqueur Cheesecake

Happy Valentineʼs Day!! Love, Cindy Montgomery – Designing the Senses

For all your designing needs, give me a call at 612.226.8044.

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